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Our Vision


To be the leading consultancy company in health tourism sector of Turkey that offers exclusive services to its clients.



Our Mission


To offer the most effective and informative solutions to our clients in order to help them overcome possible obstacles of the process that begins with the a decision of coming to Turkey, and ends with a comprehensive and unique medical and personal care.



Why Turkey for Health Tourism?


Turkey, erstwhile was a country  sending  patients  abroad  for medical treatment, has achieved one of the world’s most developed countries title over the years and become a model by enhancing its medical infrastructure.The recent  level  that Turkey has reached  in health tourism sector is a hard-to-achieve type of success , and quite surprising for those  who  knew  how Turkey’s  health system was 10 years ago. These improvements both in public and private health care systems have made Turkey the one of the most attractive health tourism centres of the world.


The recipe to this rapidly-earned success is a result of having hundreds of high tech and well-equipped hospitals in Turkey with well-experienced doctors and health care personnel who seek innovative solutions in the health care system.


Wıth the great success in achieving the hardest medical operations, such as face , arm and leg transplantations, Turkey has remained to be the rising star in the health tourism sector, and been attracting more people who seek advanced level of health care solutions, especially in Europe and Middle East.



Benefits of Choosing Turkey for Health Tourism


High-Tech Medical Devices : Usage of highly technological devices and equipments in hundreds of private and public hospitals in many different cities of Turkey, is one of those reasons why Turkey would be an ideal destination for health tourism plans.


Well-Equipped Hospitals : Owing to the existence of very modern hospitals and highly exprienced health care staff, there is no long waiting periods for appointments. Mostly all appointments are given in the same day or week after an application takes a place. No matter if it is a  doctor appointment, appointment for medical a screening process or surgeries.


Lower Medical Costs : Turkey offers way lower costs for treatments (including medication, surgeries, accommodation, etc.) than its biggest competitors ;Germany and Israel. This difference can be up to 50% on the total costs depending on the type of the treatment.


No Visa Issues : Another very important reason why chosing Turkey would be a smart move is because Turkey requires no visa from many of the countries, including the neighbor countries, and ease up on the visa requirements if required, when it comes to healt care. The fact that Germany and Israel have got quite strict visa requlations and low visa approval rates, also makes Turkey the most advantages destination for health tourism.


Citizens of almost all Russian speaking, West European, North American, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries don’t need   visa to enter Turkey. All the citizens of those countries are permitted to stay in Turkey from 30 days to 90 days depending on where they are coming from.  In case of emergencies that might require an urgent medical intervention, this previlege plays a very big role in saving time for the patients.


Geographical Advantage : Turkey is geographically a very central country. That’s why air fares are much lower comparing the other possible health tourism destinastions. It is always easy to find thousands of flights everyday from hundreds of different cities of all around the world.

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