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Why do I need help from a health tourism consultancy company to get medical treatment in Turkey ?


It’s  always advised to deal with a health tourism consulant to get the best possible treatment methods at the most ideal price ranges. These consultants speak your language and experienced enough to find the best treatment options for you. Consultancy companies are the best way to get perioperative medical and logistic services from local experts who speak your language.



Why should I chose MediPort ?


Mediport was established to offer beyond of what it is being offered traditionally today in the health tourism sector.  We focus on solving problems rather than capitalizing on them; we vary our products and services rather than hanging on to the one selling the most. We create solutions to possible problems before they even occur , and follow a philosophy on which we built Mediport.


“ Get your medical treatment while on a vacation, and feel like it’s your vacation while getting your medical treatment.”



How do we get started ?


Simply contact us by filling out the contact details form here, and let us know in your own language and own words what type of a medical treatment you are looking for. You may upload your medical test reports in order to get them reviewed by high experienced medical doctors in over 40 hospitals in Turkey that Mediport closely works with.


You may also wish to give us a call to get more information, or request a call from us by simply filling out the very same form. Our representatives that speak in your native language will then provide you the most accurate information about the process, and come up with the most optimal travel plan that would suit your needs the best.



If I call you, do you have any native speakers to help me in my mother language ?


Yes! Our representatives can speak 6 languages. Arabic, English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukranian.



Can I get fast and accurate responds from you by just filling out your ‘free consultation form’ ?


Absolutely! You can even ease and quicken the process by uploading your test or screening results by just clicking on the button that is right below of the "free consultation form".



Is uploading my medical test results safe ?


Definetely yes. Mediport staff pays extra attention to the client privacy in every step of their medical treatments. Information that is personal and related to your medical condition shall not be exposed or shared with third parties without your consent. You can also limit the number of medical institutions and hospitals with which Mediport will be sharing your medical test reports to get best treatment options for you.



What are the criterias considered while chosing the right hospital and the medical staff ?


We have a very wide range of JCI accredited hospitals and very specialized medical staff for the types of treatments listed down on our web site, in the ‘’Treatments’’ section. All the private hospitals that we are working with are JCI accredited. So you can definitely rely on the quality and the treatment you will get from these hospitals. You can also find almost all treatment options you might be needing in that section.



What is JCI accreditation ?


JCI institution was founded to develop and ensure all the quality served by the health organizations. JCI accreditation presents a visible commitment about a continous work on improving the patient care, providing a secure enviroment, reducing the risks towards the patients, staff and guests. JCI is absolutely the most prestigious accreditation institution in the world from which hospitals can possibly obtain the recognation.


For the list of JCI accredited hospitals in Turkey , please click here...



Do I need visa for Turkey ?


Most of the foreigners are not required to obtain a formal visa to visit Turkey or the process as easy as applying for Turkish visa via the e-visa portal. Republic of Turkey , the Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes the most up-to-date information about visa requirements and countries whose citizens are required to obtain visa.


Click here to find out whether or not you will need a visa for Turkey...



What is E-Visa ?


The e-Visa is the easiest way of applying for entry visa to Turkey. It’s convenient, fast and secure way of getting Turkish visa that has been issued traditionally at Turkish consulates or the ports of entries. Applications obtain their visas electronically after entering required information and making their payments online


Click for detailed information or watch the e-visa video here...



What should I put in my suitcase before travelling ?

It would be wise to start off with preparing a list before packing. Don’t forget to take your passport, flying tickets, identity card, health insurance card, ATM and credit cards, some cash, the medication and/or medical devices you’re currently using. Next of kin, information for emergency situations are also crucial.



How wil I get my pills in Turkey ?

You can take a certain amount of pills with you to Turkey. But you mustn't forget to take the prescription of the drugs with you.

The problems you’ll have in this respect might affect your journey.



Will I be welcomed at the airport ?  Will anybody help me to transfer to the agreed hospitals or clinics ?


All MediPort clients are entitled to have a complimentary airport pick-up service schedulled by our team upon confirmed flight details. From airport , you will be taken to pre-arranged accommodation place or directly to the hospital by a designated driver.



Do you help your clients with accommodation arrangements ?


Definitely! Depending on your request or the service package you choose, we can either arrange prestigious and affordable hotels that are fairly close to your medical institution, or  arrange a furnished suits or condos for longer stay.



Do you make travel plans and arrangements for your clients ?


Yes we do. We know the importance of being relaxed before and after a medical treatment and procedure. Most of our clients require us to prepare them short city or shopping tour plans (guided or unguided), as well as vacation plans,  especially right after their medical treatments.


Clients that come to Turkey just for a medical check-up also prefer these tours and vacation plans to turn their visits to Turkey into relaxing and enjoyable experiences.


Some of our clients are advised by their doctors to make specific visits to some places that are famous with their natural spas and thermal springs. Some prefer to combine their medical treatments with their yearly winter or summer vacations. Mediport has qualified counsellors to help you make necessary arrangements.



What should I do after the treatment/operation ?

Your doctor will list down all necessary precautions to take after your treatment. You may be advised to stay in Turkey for a short while until all the possible complications from the treatment are gone for certain.



Is there billingual staff working for the hospitals ? Will I have any communication problems ?


No, you won’t. Almost in all our JCI accredited hospitals’ medical staff are fluent in English language. Majority of these hospitals employ staff that speak different languages as well; such as Russian, Arabic , Spanish , French, Persian etc. Please ask your Mediport consultant about which JCI accredited hospitals speak your language.



I require special care and I am not going to be accompanied by anyone. Can Mediport arrange an accompanying person who speaks my language ?


Yes. According to the type of the special care you require , Mediport will be able to arrange an accompanying person, a caregiver who will stay with you at all times, and finally a nurse if your condition requires further care.



How long does it take for hospitals or medical institutions to review my case after I sent my test results ?

Once your test results are received by MediPort team, our counselors with medical background might need to contact you and ask further questions about your condition. Within the same day, our translators translate your test results from your language into Turkish and prepare a patient profile that will enable doctors to see your case clearly. Once the case is clear for the doctors, in couple of days, they prepare a treatment plan and send it to MediPort for translation ( from Turkish to your language ) along with the estimated cost of the treatment.


MediPort does not rely on couple of hospitals only, but also run the same process with several hospitals to get the best treatment at the best price range possible. This all process might take couple of days.



Will MediPort follow-up their clients even after their treatments ?


MediPort  staff considers its clients’ wellbeings are the awards of their hardwork. To ensure that our clients have been treated well while they are in Turkey and gotten well after their treatments, we created a follow-up system that enables our team members to get up-to-date information about our clients’ current health conditions. These unique follow-up services also makes MediPort different than other health tourism consultancy companies.


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