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Medical Consultation


Logistics & Accommodation



Registered Nurse


Accompanying Person

Tours and Excursions


 Medical Consultation 


  • Free Medical Test Analysis

  • Required Treatment Report

  • Estimated Cost of Check-up / Operation / Services

  • Appointment Arrangement with Doctors / Hospitals


 Logistics and Accommodation


  • Flight Ticket Arrangements

  • Accommodation Placement Services

  • Rental Car Arrangements

  • Temporarily Cell Phone Account

  • Airport Pick-up Services

  • Airport Drop-off Services

  • Door-to-Door Transfers (Half-Day or Full-Day)

  • Transportation for Tours and Excursions


  Communication Services


  • 24/7 MediPort Emergency Line

  • Interpretation Services

    • At Airport Pick-up

    • During Check-up & Operation

    • After Operation

  • Communications with 3rd Parties

    • Next of Kin (Share information about your condition with your family or the next of kin )

    • Your Insurance Company


 Translation Services


  • Test Results (Pre-treatment)

  • Test Results (Post-treatment)

  • Document Preparation for Insurance Companies



 Information Services


  • Step-by-Step Guide to Health Tourism

  • MediPort Binder

    • Maps (City Map , from accommodation place to the hospital)

    • What’s-on brochures ( what’s happening in the city , free pamphlets )

    • Health Package (info about the hospital, procedure, success stories, etc.)

    • Customized  calendar for the patient (according to the selections made)

    • Guides, (about the hospital, procedures, city, etc.)


 Registered Nurse Services


  • Daily

  • Perioperative


 Caregiver Services


  • Daily

  • Perioperative


  Accompanying Person Services


  • Daily

  • Perioperative


  Tours and Excursions


  • City Tours

  • Pre-Treatment Relaxation Trips

  • Post-Treatment Relaxation Trips

  • Customized Tours and Trips


Consultation & Information Services
Transportation and Logistics
Registered Nurse
Communication & Care Giver Services
Accommpanying Person Services
Translation and Tour and Excursions
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