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Health Tourism

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism  is the travel of people to another country for the

purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country. Despite of

the fact that traditionally, people would travel from less-developed

countries to major medical centers in highly developed countries

for medical treatment,the recent trend is for people to travel from

developed countries to other countries where medical treatments

are cheaper and faster.


Another reason for travel for medical treatment is that some

treatments may not be legal in the home country, such as some

fertility procedures.Some people travel to obtain medical surgeries,

some go abroad for dental tourism or fertility tourism.


Complex procedures such as cardiovascular surgery, brain surgery, organ transpantations, orthopedic joint replacements, pancreatic cancer surgeries may result in costing 70%- 80% less  comparing to what they would cost in North America and Europe. Other procedures for which patients travel to Turkey are medical  hematological and radiation oncology, cyberknife, kidney dialysis, dental treatments  and fertility operations, eye operations, plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.

in vitro fertilisation (IVF) 

Thermal Tourism

Thermal springs have been discovered very long time ago as a an effective way of treatment for many diseases; especially skin releated ones. Now it has become more than just being an alternative way of treatment only, but also the one of the most effective and low-cost treatments to cure many diseases.


Turkey is a highly attractive destination when it comes to thermal tourism, with its over 240 thermal spring facilities in 46 different cities. This only makes Turkey a sort of thermal tourism paradise whose thermal springs' effectiveness on health has been approved scientifically.

Pamukkale Thermal, Turkey

Geriatrics and Disabled Tourism

Geriatrics is a specialty that focuses on health care of elderly

people. It aims to promote health by preventing and treating

diseases and disabilities in older adults. Geriatric and disabled

patients are mostly adviced to have hydrotheraphy by their

doctors since it is one of the most secure and healthiest ways

of treating certain types of diseases. 


Hydrotherapy is much more effective when it is done in a warm

sea water, and this fact also makes Turkey one of the most

attractive destinations for geriatrics and disabled tourism with 3

different seas that surround the country (Marmara, Eagean,

Mediterranean Seas). In addition to that, Turkey is able to offer more

with its thousands of well-equipped 4 and 5-star hotels that offer a great deal of comfort, and hundreds of blue flagged beaches surrounding the the peninsula.

Fethiye, Turkey

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