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Success Stories

1-Damir ZHANDOSOV, D.O.B. 1982, Kidney Transplantation, Kazakhistan - Aktau

Damir Zhandosov - MediPort


The fact that I have been told that I have a kidney problem since the 90's. However, when in the summer of 2014, high creatinine was inspected in my blood, which meant that it was time to do something. Therefore, I went to Almaty and then to Georgia. After some tests the diagnosis of kidney failure was confirmed. 


There were many questions about the kidney transplantation in my mind. It was quite difficult for me to accept the operation. Before making this difficult decision, I tried to get a solution from untraditional healers, who have not been able to help.



As a result, I began to lose consciousness and there was no other option for me but to start dialysis. After the first procedure, I definitely felt relieved and decided to accept a kidney transplant as the best solution to all these problems I have been suffering.

While deciding about the operation, I was also affected by a friend of minewho had the same surgery a year before in Istanbul. After a quick research on the internet I luckily reached MediPort Health Tourism Consultancy which has a very high professionalism and experience about the international patients. Then, there was no need to hesitate for me! I got the surgery in August 2015. Now the young man, father of three children is able to live his life as fullest very happily again!


I am extremely grateful to all MediPort family for their great assistance and big support to make the whole organization as perfect as possible and overcome all current issues, all along.

Damir ZHANDOSOV - After Surgery
Damir ZHANDOSOV - Hospital
Damir ZHANDOSOV - Recovery

2-Patient G.M., D.O.B. 1966, Lymphoma, Ukraine - Odessa

I learned about my illness incidentally. I started diagnostics in Ukraine  and faced many challenges. Ukrainian doctors have put two different diagnosis, according to which it was impossible to start a competent treatment. As a result, I decided to receive my treatment abroad. Through the sources on the internet I found the company «MediPort». Its stuff quickly organized my arrival, transfers to the hospital, accommodation and my examinations. I was diagnosed correctly and able to begin to be treated in 6 days only.


I want to note the high professionalism of the people who have helped me to overcome all current problems and gave the opportunity to recover and see how my children grow up.


I thank you very much for all your efforts  «MediPort» family!

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